Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth

Healthy teeth are the first step to having an overall healthy body. When there is a problem in the mouth, it opens up the possibility of more severe issues in your overall health. This is heightened even more when there is a tooth missing from the mouth. A missing tooth can occur for a number of reasons such as extraction, severe decay, injury, or illness. When a rear tooth is missing, there is a greater temptation to leave the empty space, with the mindset that there is no reason to put forth the expense or experience the discomfort of replacing a tooth that is not visible. We want to share the importance of putting your doubts aside and making an informed decision about why you should choose a tooth replacement option.

Do You Avoid Certain Foods?

Does a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth make it difficult for you to eat, speak or smile with confidence? Do you avoid eating certain foods or social situations because of a gap in your smile? Patients with similar struggles have found that one dental treatment in particular has been a game changer for restoring the look and function of their smiles. Read on to find out about this popular treatment.

The Dental Implant Solution

A missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can considerably affect your daily life and well-being. Tooth loss makes it difficult to chew food or speak clearly, and you might also feel self-conscious when talking or smiling. The good news is that there are dental treatments that can restore your missing teeth. One tooth replacement method in particular has gained popularity because of its effectiveness and long lasting results.