What’s That Smell? Ways to Help Bad Breath

Are you self-conscious when you speak to others because you feel like you always suffer from bad breath? Everyone experiences bad breath from time to time, whether they just finished a cup of strong coffee or an Italian feast that was loaded with garlic. A thorough brushing of the teeth, a round with the dental floss, and a swish of mouthwash will leave your breath fresh again. The problem occurs when you deal with frequent bad breath and you aren’t sure of the cause. Frequent bad breath is usually a warning sign that there is something more serious happening in the mouth.

Sugar, Sugar!

Are you or someone in your family a sugar lover? What’s not to love about a good sugary treat or drink every once in a while! Sugar is a delicious indulgence that is best enjoyed in moderation for the sake of your overall health and your oral health. We all know that sugar can cause tooth decay, but did you ever stop to think about exactly how dangerous it is for your oral health? Continue reading to find out. You might be surprised by what you learn.