Pregnancy And Oral Health

Are you or someone you care about planning a pregnancy, currently expecting, or a new mother? The arrival of a new life is an exciting time and usually full of planning and preparing. Something many expectant and new moms are surprised to learn is that pregnancy can have an effect on your oral health. We would hate for a new mom to experience dental health issues and need to spend time in our office for treatment instead of being with her new bundle of joy.

Oral Health Tips For Summer

After a long winter in NY, we are thrilled that summer is a few short weeks away! We love talking to our patients about their summer plans and enjoy hearing about all of the fantastic trips they have scheduled. We also know many of our patients are planning to spend the summer days and nights with their loved ones at home. No matter what your summer plans are, we want to ensure that the state of your oral health will not get in the way and negatively impact your plans. We want to share some helpful tips to ensure you enjoy your summer worry free.

Is Stress Affecting Your Oral Health?

Do you often feel overwhelmed? If you answered yes, we completely understand. Many children and teens dream of the day that they are old enough to enjoy the freedoms of adulthood. It isn’t until you reach that time that you quickly realize adulthood is not all it’s cracked up to be. With all that we have experienced over the past year, we are sure that many adults have dreamed about the carefree time of their youths. With all of the responsibilities of adulthood, it is not uncommon to feel stressed at times. While many are aware of the effects of stress on the body, we want to make you aware of the impact that stress has on your oral health as well. Continue reading to learn if you are experiencing stress-related trauma in your mouth.

Some FADQs (Frequently Asked Dental Questions) for You

We know that a visit to our office can bring upon nervous feelings for some of our patients. We also know that it can be a bit confusing to determine when you might need treatment or in what circumstance you should pay a visit to our office. We frequently have patients call the office to ask questions about a treatment or an appointment. While we love hearing from our patients at any time, we thought it might be helpful to compile some of our most frequently asked questions. Click here to read the questions and responses, we might just answer one of the questions you have.

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

When your child is an infant, one of the most exciting milestones is seeing the first little tooth poking through their gums. While the added drool and cranky behavior isn’t always the most fun to deal with, seeing that little white sliver makes all the frustrations disappear. As more teeth continue to poke through and the infant moves into being a toddler, the real dental health fun begins in teaching the child the importance of dental health, with brushing and caring for their teeth.

Our Patients Mean So Much To Us

During this time, priorities like caring for our families and our health have taken center stage. At our practice, we also realize just how much our patients mean to us. We want each one of you to know that your health and well-being remain our top concern. In this email you’ll find a refresher on important dental hygiene practices as well as the services we offer that you may not know about.