Are Your Child’s Bad Habits Hurting Their Teeth?

I’m sure that we can all say that we have had a bad habit that we needed to break at some point in our lifetime. Maybe we ate too many sweets, didn’t drink as much water as we should, spent too much money, or didn’t get enough exercise. But what happens when your child or young loved one has a bad habit? It can be tricky to break a child’s bad habit. There are a number of bad habits that can be affecting your young one’s oral health. Over time, these habits can lead to decay and costly repairs for their parents. We wanted to share some of kids’ worst dental habits and why they are bad for their oral health. Some of these also pertain to adults! Continue reading to learn more.

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

When your child is an infant, one of the most exciting milestones is seeing the first little tooth poking through their gums. While the added drool and cranky behavior isn’t always the most fun to deal with, seeing that little white sliver makes all the frustrations disappear. As more teeth continue to poke through and the infant moves into being a toddler, the real dental health fun begins in teaching the child the importance of dental health, with brushing and caring for their teeth.

How To Prepare Your Child First Dental Visit

Few things are more worrisome for a young child than going to the dentist. Buzzing drills, loud noises, and mask-covered faces create a tense experience for even the bravest toddler. Even so, dental checkups are essential to any healthy smile. Therefore, it is important to ensure that a child’s first visit is relaxing and light-hearted. It will set the tone for how the child may view dental care in the future.