Food Choices And Oral Health

There is a popular saying, you are what you eat. While the saying typically refers to the food that you eat and the effect on your body, the saying also applies to what happens with your oral health when you consume certain foods. Patients with a high level of sugar in their diets are more prone to developing tooth decay than other patients with a healthy diet. Summer is a time when more sugary treats and beverages are typically consumed than other times of the year. We want to share the importance of being mindful of what you eat.

New Year’s Resolution: Take Care Of My Teeth

Did we recommend a treatment the last time you visited our office and you have delayed or avoided scheduling your appointment? We know the last few months have been hectic with the holiday season, but now that the new year has begun, it is the perfect time to re-evaluate your oral health. We encourage you to schedule your appointment today for the treatment we suggested. Delaying dental treatment can leave you with the need for additional treatments and added expenses. Read on to learn more about why needed dental treatments should not be ignored.

Sugar, Sugar!

Are you or someone in your family a sugar lover? What’s not to love about a good sugary treat or drink every once in a while! Sugar is a delicious indulgence that is best enjoyed in moderation for the sake of your overall health and your oral health. We all know that sugar can cause tooth decay, but did you ever stop to think about exactly how dangerous it is for your oral health? Continue reading to find out. You might be surprised by what you learn.

Some FADQs (Frequently Asked Dental Questions) for You

We know that a visit to our office can bring upon nervous feelings for some of our patients. We also know that it can be a bit confusing to determine when you might need treatment or in what circumstance you should pay a visit to our office. We frequently have patients call the office to ask questions about a treatment or an appointment. While we love hearing from our patients at any time, we thought it might be helpful to compile some of our most frequently asked questions. Click here to read the questions and responses, we might just answer one of the questions you have.