What Causes Tooth Enamel Loss And Damage?

Although they are some of the smallest parts of your body, your teeth are extremely strong. In fact, tooth enamel, the outer covering of the teeth, is the strongest substance in your body. Tooth enamel needs to be strong because it is used each time you bite and chew your food. Although tooth enamel is made to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, it is not indestructible and can easily become damaged when you do not care for your teeth properly.

Ways To Keep Teeth Healthy Through Halloween

Fall is great, especially in this area. Not many parts of the country get to experience the crisp morning air and the beautiful fall foliage like we do. Another reason this time of year is so much fun is Halloween. While some people love the spooky aspect of Halloween, others enjoy the sweets and delicious treats popular during this time of year. We want to share some helpful tips to avoid being spooked by what may be brewing in your mouth after you overindulge in sweets and treats.

Never Ignore These 3 Warning Signs!

Most people do everything they can to avoid dealing with emergencies in their lives. Thankfully, many things are designed to give us warnings before a problem or emergency arises. For example, cars have warning lights to indicate a potential problem, and smoke alarms blare when smoke or a fire is detected. Our mouths also provide warnings to indicate that there may be a problem. The longer we ignore these warnings, the greater chance we have of experiencing a dental emergency. Read on to learn about the warning signs in your mouth that you should never ignore.

Food Choices And Oral Health

There is a popular saying, you are what you eat. While the saying typically refers to the food that you eat and the effect on your body, the saying also applies to what happens with your oral health when you consume certain foods. Patients with a high level of sugar in their diets are more prone to developing tooth decay than other patients with a healthy diet. Summer is a time when more sugary treats and beverages are typically consumed than other times of the year. We want to share the importance of being mindful of what you eat.

Oral Health Tips For Summer

After a long winter in NY, we are thrilled that summer is a few short weeks away! We love talking to our patients about their summer plans and enjoy hearing about all of the fantastic trips they have scheduled. We also know many of our patients are planning to spend the summer days and nights with their loved ones at home. No matter what your summer plans are, we want to ensure that the state of your oral health will not get in the way and negatively impact your plans. We want to share some helpful tips to ensure you enjoy your summer worry free.

Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

Do you notice there is always a pink tint to the water when you rinse your mouth after brushing? If so, then you may have bleeding gums. While it is never a good thing to experience this, bleeding gums can occur from time to time, especially if you brush too vigorously or your toothbrush is too hard. It can be concerning when you experience it frequently, and it is usually an indication that something else is going on with your oral health.

If You Don’t Have Dental Insurance, You Need To Read This!

Do you avoid visiting the dentist because you don’t have dental insurance and you’re afraid of the out-of-pocket costs? We never want lack of dental insurance to be a reason you do not visit the dentist. Routine dental examinations and cleanings can help prevent numerous issues with your oral and overall health. With that in mind, we have created an option for our patients to save money and get the quality dental care they need. Interested in learning more? Continue reading to learn more about this great opportunity.

What To Know About Wisdom Teeth

We all know that we are born without teeth and our baby teeth begin to emerge just before we turn one. Baby teeth continue to emerge until they begin to fall out and are replaced with permanent teeth. We are all familiar with this process, and many of us eagerly awaited the arrival of the tooth fairy when those magical first few teeth began to fall out. Did you know that there are teeth that emerge into adulthood? Wisdom teeth, or the proper term “third molars”, typically erupt between the ages of 17 and 21. Many of our patients no longer have their wisdom teeth or will need to have them removed at some point.

What Does Jaw Discomfort Mean?

Do you often experience discomfort in your jaw? Does your jaw feel uncomfortable after eating a big meal or after speaking for a long time? There could be a number of reasons your jaw might be giving you trouble. It is not uncommon to have discomfort in your jaw from time to time; however, if it happens frequently, it can be cause for concern. Frequent jaw tenderness or discomfort is a warning sign that there is something more severe happening in your mouth.