Simple & Effective – Check It Out!

Would you love to improve the appearance of your smile? We offer a number of cosmetic treatments that can make any change you would like to see. We encourage our patients to be honest with us about their feelings. We know many times patients are hesitant to express their desires out of concern that we will recommend an expensive and complicated treatment. In actuality, there is one popular cosmetic treatment that we often recommend to patients that can make big changes to your smile. Continue reading to learn more about this fast and easy treatment.

Food Choices And Oral Health

There is a popular saying, you are what you eat. While the saying typically refers to the food that you eat and the effect on your body, the saying also applies to what happens with your oral health when you consume certain foods. Patients with a high level of sugar in their diets are more prone to developing tooth decay than other patients with a healthy diet. Summer is a time when more sugary treats and beverages are typically consumed than other times of the year. We want to share the importance of being mindful of what you eat.

Tips On Caring For Little Teeth

From the time we are young, we have learned about the importance of caring for our teeth. We only get one set of natural teeth to last our entire lives. The earlier we start taking care of them properly, the longer we will have them to enjoy. I stress the importance of learning to care for teeth to even my youngest patients. I want to share some helpful tips and advice to my patients with young children to help ensure their teeth not only develop correctly, but remain healthy as well. Continue reading to learn more about my advice.

Oral Health Tips For Summer

After a long winter in NY, we are thrilled that summer is a few short weeks away! We love talking to our patients about their summer plans and enjoy hearing about all of the fantastic trips they have scheduled. We also know many of our patients are planning to spend the summer days and nights with their loved ones at home. No matter what your summer plans are, we want to ensure that the state of your oral health will not get in the way and negatively impact your plans. We want to share some helpful tips to ensure you enjoy your summer worry free.

We’re Turning 65!

June is an exciting time for many. School in our area is coming to an end, and the start of the summer season is quickly approaching. We will enjoy long days and long summer nights, warm weather, and all of the summer activities. My office has an even more exciting reason to celebrate this June — it’s our 65th anniversary! You may be wondering how it is possible I am celebrating the 65th anniversary of the dental office. Read on to learn more about the history of the office and why I am so excited for this anniversary.

Meet a Valued Team Member — Kia

At Geoffry E. Hallstead, DMD, we recognize that each of our patients is unique. We strive to provide care that reflects each patient’s individual needs. Our entire team wants not only to create beautiful smiles for you and your family, but we also are committed to creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for all. We love that each and every team member shares this philosophy and always provides our patients with the very best in care and service. We want to take some time this month to share a little more about one of our team members — our dental assistant Kia.

Avoid A Dental Emergency!

When was the last time you visited our office for a hygiene examination and cleaning? If you are having a difficult time remembering, then it has been too long. Now that the dreary and cold winter season is over, there is no better time to visit our office. Delaying routine examinations can not only affect your long-term oral health, but it can also increase your likelihood of experiencing a dental emergency. A dental emergency can develop at any time, especially if there is undiagnosed decay or other dental condition occurring in your mouth. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of routine dental care.

Tooth Replacement Options To Consider

Have you recently experienced tooth loss and are considering which option is the best for replacing your tooth? There can be a number of reasons why a patient might be missing a tooth, such as severe decay, complications from an illness or medication, an injury or trauma to the mouth. No matter the reason the tooth is missing, we encourage our patients to replace their missing teeth as soon as possible. The only teeth that do not need to be replaced are wisdom teeth, children’s baby teeth and teeth that are removed for orthodontic purposes.

Get Your Dream Smile In Time For The Warm Weather

We don’t know about you, but we are thrilled with the arrival of spring and are eagerly looking forward to summer. This past winter seemed never ending, and we were glad to see it go! The upcoming seasons also bring the return of graduations, wedding season, class reunions and many other exciting events. If you are celebrating an event soon and would love to improve your smile, there is no better time to make a change! We would love to meet with you and make a treatment recommendation that would best fit your needs and desires. Read on to find out more about the various cosmetic dentistry treatments we are proud to offer to our patients.

Tooth Extractions: Tips And Advice To Help With The Process

At Geoffry E. Hallstead, DMD, we try every treatment we can to save your natural teeth, but unfortunately, it is not always possible, and a tooth may need to be extracted. Some patients, such as those going through chemotherapy or preparing for an organ transplant, may need an extraction to optimize their oral health for a successful medical treatment. Our younger patients may need to have one or more teeth removed before starting orthodontic treatment or to help the adult teeth emerge properly. Sometimes, we recommend extracting severely decayed teeth that are beginning to affect the surrounding teeth and gums. No matter the reason for the extraction, we are here to help you every step of the way.